WMK Woodmark Studios is the venue created by Ed Milsted to present the collaborative work of a small group of designers and artisans. Our designs begin as a dialogue, and the creation of this website evolved as a byproduct of this process. A short bio for each of those involved can be found at: The Artisans.


With an emphasis on sound fundamental aesthetic principles and attention to detail, WMK strives to utilize educated design and quality joinery coupled with refined finishes to create timeless furnishings. We have a sizable cache of lumber available that we milled from storm thrown trees around Richmond and the Northern Neck of Virginia. We consider this material to be sustainable and enjoy knowing a more complete history of our efforts.


We believe that improving our craft is an ongoing and dynamic process that is never static, and this format allows us to briefly convey our story. This design/build furniture collaboration formed in early 2014, and the quality of our presentation will improve – please pardon the inconsistency of our photography. A number of our pieces may be found at Lewis Trimble’s shop in Kilmarnock, Virginia. We welcome inquiries regarding the designs presented on this site and look forward to the opportunity to work with you.


Thank you,